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International IT Forum

The space of innovations and opportunities for

business owners

and company directors who understand the value of innovative technologies


freelancers, developers and cryptocurrency market specialists who appreciate the uniqueness of content


proactive residents of our city who strive to spend their time productively

leisure zone


The Organizer of International IT Forum 2018 is Global Genesis Group of Companies, established in 2017 by Artur Garslyan. At present time Global Genesis consolidates 9 businesses which are based on understanding the value of innovative technologies in creating products.

The basic principle of Global Genesis is Limits are only in your mind and this means that our opportunities and perspectives are mostly limited not by external circumstances but by the fact that we ourselves do not believe in us and our forces.

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The idea to organize the International IT Forum arose from our team’s aspiration to make our own contribution to the creation of a proactive community of businessmen, startuppers and real specialists in their own areas in the native city. For us it is important not only to build up a business, but also to develop the territory and to inform the broad public about innovations, to create a new style of thinking and a desire to act here and now.

See you at the International IT Forum 2018!

Artur Garslyan


shedule 2018

We took into account the most topical demands of business which is oriented at its proper positioning, strategic planning and scaling. That’s why the thoroughly made-up list of invited speakers means indisputable quality of content, only real cases and efficient recommendations.

Digital marketing, psychographic targeting, sales organization and management, recent trends and efficient tricks concerning issues of creating and promoting your own brand – all these are the areas the knowledge of which will provide your companies with significant achievements.


Web/Mobile Dev

shedule 2018

WEB/APP session is a part of a classic must be program at world It forums. Being aware that the target audience of this session is highly demanding, we invited specialists who are sure to gain your interest by their practical achievements, specific developments, trends in the sphere of PWA, who can share real life hacks from leading companies of WEB/APP Development market.

Do you have specific questions, ideas or offers as for the topics of speeches? Please, write to us about them and we will be able to make the content correspond to your demands to the fullest.



shedule 2018

The epoch of digital transformation of the world which is connected with the blockchain technology is one of the top subjects in the world informational space. That’s why creation of a separate session for this technology at the International IT Forum 2018 was out of question.

The speakers of the session are hundred per cent practical experts, world-renowned serial entrepreneurs who understand, predict and create the changes in our everyday life themselves, who increase the value of business by means of the blockchain technology and who scale businesses.



IT Forum

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We realize that the greatest value is placed on the opportunity of receiving answers, practical recommendations concerning the issues which are topical for you personally.

This is exactly why we organize an open space for subject matter communication with the speakers of sessions in a cozy and laid-back atmosphere.

You will have a chance not only to ask your questions and get an answer from the speakers but also to learn about the experience, mistakes and success of other participants and leave the workshop with out-of-the-box solutions for your business.

schedule 2018
240 minutes
of live communication with speakers
120 minutes
in the format of Q&A session
280 М2
of lounge zone and catering


A bright end of an eventful day of the International IT Forum 2018 in a cozy atmosphere of the Khortitsa Palace Hotel, with sophisticated cuisine, exclusive entertaining show in the company of the speakers, investors, business owners and company directors.

We want business contacts to become useful social relations and we’d like the International IT Forum 2018 to stay in your memory as an event which will mark the beginning of a new stage of your personal development and the development of your company.

5 hours
of festive mood
opportunities for networking
special guest star
known media person

special events


The show room of the International IT Forum 2018 will turn into a real festival of future: there will be presented more than 30 innovations in the sphere of robotechnics from leading companies of Ukraine and of the world.

Getting acquainted with the latest products, steering robots and playing with them – all this is an experience that you and your kids will never forget!


In the exhibition area of the International IT Forum 2018 the latest digital innovations will be presented: 3D printers, virtual reality glasses, smart machines.

Innovative trends in cyber sport, video games, technological radio stations and online cinemas will impress the admirers of digital culture and will take the guests and the residents of the city to a different reality.

leisure zone

food zone

During the International IT Forum 2018 all the participants will be able not only to spend their time productively but also to have a rest in a really high-quality food court. The most delicious meals, desserts and beverages provided by companies from Zaporizhzhia and other parts of Ukraine at affordable prices exclusively for the guests of the event.



  • Kozak palace

    Victory Street, 70B, Zaporozhye

  • Khortitsa Palace

    Blvd. Shevchenko, 71А, Zaporozhye